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The Bell 429 is a light, twin-engine helicopter developed by Bell Helicopter

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bell 429The Bell 429 is a light, twin-engine helicopter developed by Bell Helicopter and Korea Aerospace Industries, based on the Bell 427. The Bell 429 is capable of single-pilot IFR and Runway Category A operations.

The Bell 429 has a 4-blade rotor system with soft-in-plane flex beams. The rotor blades are composite and have swept tips for reduced noise. The tail rotor is made by stacking two, two-blade rotors set at uneven intervals (to form an X) for reduced noise. The combined cabin volume is 204 ft3 (5.78 m3) with a 130 ft3 passenger cabin and 74 ft3 baggage area, with flat floor for patient loading. A set of rear clamshell doors under tail boom is optional for easier patient loading.



bell 429 spec


Range Map

range map



bell 429 layout